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Amanda Henson

Amanda was born and raised in Kentucky, where she and her husband, Jonathan, are now raising her two daughters.  Amanda is an active member in the local community, volunteering in the school system, and participating actively small business education.

Amanda is the owner of It’s Me, Amanda, a personal lifestyle blog focused on the personal side to freelancing and High Impact Mom, a one-stop shop for work-from-home parents seeking balance in their daily lives.

It is Amanda’s dream to share her love of social media and networking with her local community.  Amanda believes to most effectively reach customers, companies must reach out to them where they spend most of their time (the internet).  When used in conjunction with other marketing styles, like email and traditional face-to-face, social media can be used to garner sales and generally raise consumer awareness.


As a Senior Content Marketing Strategist at MedTouch, the country’s leading healthcare integrated digital agency, Amanda works with healthcare organizations across the United States to create and execute effective integrated digital marketing plans. Whether creating comprehensive content marketing plans or ghostwriting healthcare blogs, Amanda is a consummate professional who equips her clients with the knowledge they need to engage with their patients and clients across the globe. Amanda also helps clients stay in control of their online reputation through thorough analysis and client training.

As a customer support specialist at FeedBlitz, Amanda provided their extensive client base with chat and email RSS-to-email support using the Desk customer service platform by  regularly collaborating with the Customer Support team and Community Manager to ensure timely responses, on-brand messaging and service that goes above and beyond the client’s expectations. Her FeedBlitz technical experience includes providing RSS to email support, parser and splicing set up, email brand security, inbound marketing strategy, inbound marketing education, and email marketing audits.

Since 2009, Amanda has also flourished in the role of volunteer coordinator with the Type-A conference and is moving on to take over the Media Relations Director position in 2015.  Amanda has spoken twice at Type-A Parent conference on the topics of re-branding a company’s digital brand image and establishing yourself as a local consultant and has also spoken at SheCon Expo 2012 on how to drive traffic to your site via social networks, as well as how to use your social media presence for social good.

Locally, Amanda has worked extensively with companies including Sanctuary Homes and CMR Accounting to acclimate them on basic and proper digital marketing solutions, while equipping them with the knowledge they need to continue to grow.  Through Amanda’s work with Sanctuary Homes, the company enjoyed a 15% increase in new construction bids and almost 80% growth in online interactions.

While serving as educational platform, Parentella‘s Community Manager and social media liaison from mid-2009 until February, 2011, Amanda created a 40% increase in Parentella‘s brand awareness and site sign ups saw a 35% increase.

With over six years experience in social media, Amanda has worked on various social media campaigns with Weil Integrative FootwearTysonCrocsOffice MaxCollective Bias (Now known as Social Fabric), GNO (Girls Night Out), Global InfluenceSmall Business Bonfire, Large Media and many more.

Amanda has been a contributing editor and author for the online publications, Type A Parent and Small Business Bonfire,  and most recently, one of Amanda’s blog posts, Because Life Isn’t Fair Amanda, was nominated for a 2014 “We Still Blog” award in Atlanta, Georgia.

Named one of Neilsen Online’s 50 Power Moms in 2009, Amanda uses her influence to help businesses and bloggers garner the respect and acknowledgment they deserve.  Her extensive social media experience includes using various types of social media networking, including WordPress, Typepad, and Blogger platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter/email marketing,, vlogging.

Amanda currently works with several popular and well respected bloggers and media companies in various capacities ranging from community management to newsletter creation and ghostwriting.

You can find Amanda online on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest.


Amanda Henson & Henson Consulting work to educate and empower small businesses through technology. We help small businesses take control of their online marketing in bright and fresh way, while continually focusing on building relationships with customers; at Henson Consulting we make sure your small business is given the BIG business attention and care you deserve.

Social Media Management

Already have your social media accounts set up, but having trouble finding the time or desire to manage and update them? We can help you with that. Henson Consulting offers a variety of management options to fit all budgets, including Facebook and Twitter management, as well as blog management.  Contact Amanda today to learn more about the variety of contract options and features.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Newsletters are an excellent way for bloggers and small businesses to stay in touch with their readers and even attract news ones, it’s also a great way to get exposure to top webpages and blog posts.  Don’t have the time to put together a well-rounded and professional (but still fun!) newsletter to represent your brand?  Let Amanda do it for you!  Amanda has helped brands all over the world create and distribute newsletters with great success.

Email marketing audits thoroughly evaluate a site’s presence, overall traffic, and current email marketing usage within that online context. We combine the gathered information with known and emerging online trends, such as the continued growth of mobile platforms as email clients, to create a list of site-specific recommendations that will enable the site owner to quickly accelerate list growth and create greater value from it.  The email audit allows Amanda to engage her inner data geek and equip businesses to take control of their email marketing with greater success.

Strategic Social Media Consulting and Planning

First things first, upon our first meeting, we will sit down with you and ask the all important question: WHY do you want to be a part of social media? The purpose of the initial consultation is to get a clear idea of what your business objectives are and what you hope to achieve from implementing a social media strategy. After having your goals clearly mapped out, we will work with you to create a social media strategy to help your business achieve it’s objectives and track the strategy’s success with clearly defined goals used to measure success.

Reputation Monitoring and Management

We start by selecting listening platforms that we can use to monitor the online conversations that are taking place around your brand and your competitors. We constantly monitor the online space for relevant conversations and report any changes in sentiment or attitude towards your company or your competitors.


Amanda is available to conduct half day, full day, or multi-day social media training sessions. Sessions can include anything from selecting and understanding how to use various social business tools to educating your organization on how to measure Return on Investment (ROI).

If you would like to work with Henson Consulting or would like more information on how we can help your company, please contact Amanda directly at Amanda [at] AmandaJHenson[dot] com.



“Amanda  has  an  amazing  knack  for  managing  people,  striking  a  great  balance   between  being  clear  and  firm  about  expectations  while  being  welcoming,   friendly  and  encouraging.  She  juggles  all  the  balls  involved  in  a  large-­‐scale   volunteer  program  with  ease,  from  schedules  to  matching  volunteers  to  their   best  duties  to  wrangling  it  all  on-­‐site.  I  can’t  endorse  her  enough.”   —  Kelby  Carr,  Type-­‐A  Parent


“Amanda is pure joy to work with. As the community manager of my growing small business community, she’s responsive, knowledgeable and willing to hit the ground running with very little direction. Amanda understands what it takes to develop a lively, positive and collaborative online community, and goes the extra mile to make every one of my community members feel welcome and appreciated. She is positive, easy to communicate with and has the ability to see the big picture which makes her an invaluable asset for my business.”

Alyssa Gregory/Small Business Bonfire


I don’t know if I can adequately explain the lack of knowledge I had in the world of social media. I was like, “social what”?! Then I talked to Amanda. It was truly like a light bulb went off over my head. In the short time I’ve been involved with social media I have been able to connect and engage with so many potential clients. I am thankful everyday for the tutelage that Amanda has provided me with. If you are considering social media, and you should (hello, it is free marketing), do yourself a favor and hire Amanda to advise you.

Starr Tingle/Sanctuary Homes


“Amanda not only completes tasks promptly, but she is incredibly thorough and dependable. The service that she provides to my company is a critical component to our success, and we are able to trust her completely.”

Amy Lupold Bair/RM Media


“Amanda isn’t afraid to help me stay on-task. She takes the lead on a given assignment and is skilled in social media and basic WordPress tasks, making her invaluable to my team.”

Angela England


“Amanda was an integral part of 2009-2012 Type-A Parent Conferences. She so impressed me as a volunteer in 2009 that I promptly offered her the position of volunteer coordinator for the following year, and I was not disappointed. She is organized, she hustles, and she has great attention to detail. She also excelled as both a speaker and a panel moderator during the 2010 conference. Amanda is someone who gets things done, and takes pride in doing it well.”

Kelby Carr/ Type-A Parent Conference


“I had the pleasure of working with Amanda on a campaign to promote visitation to Asheville. I couldn’t have asked for a better promotional partner. She was a good listener, easy to talk to, and a great writer. She brought her personality and creativity to the promotion, and really engaged her readers throughout the process. I loved working with Amanda and would welcome the chance to partner with her again.”

Sherida Buchanan

Amanda’s Blog


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